Poor Autumn

Poor autumn draped in a pall laid low beneath the soil how they mourn around the earth I swell as they recoil their death is my rebirth all things must fall


Poems, Information, & Controversy About OCD and Depression

Do you like poetry? Do you have OCD or depression? Do you wonder what it's like to have these conditions? Do you question certain popular assumptions that get made about mental health?   ... If so, then maybe you should be reading Begging the Question - out now on Amazon Kindle:

Book Launch

Well the day is finally here! I valiantly uploaded my book last night, battling with hordes of red tape as I went. I refused to be deterred after all this time! And now it is available to buy on Amazon: Just in case you've missed the titanic multi-national advertising campaigns, I'll just remind you... Continue Reading →

Pre-Launch Book Review Request

Long time no see people! It's been all go here. Seriously, I've had more problems than a blind man in a minefield. As such, it's taken me longer than anticipated to get my first book ready for launch. My book, Begging the Question, is a collection of over 150 poems about OCD and depression, with supporting sections... Continue Reading →

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