Dark Collage

My e-book, Begging the Question, is available to download for FREE until midnight tonight.

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It’s a collection of over 150 poems I wrote about OCD and depression, with supporting sections discussing these disorders, my journey with them, and finally a controversial look at toxic assumptions made about OCD in society.

It’s all my own work, down to the cover. And now it’s yours for FREE. But you’ll have to be quick!

Here’s a poem from the book:

Dark Collage

I drag around a dark collage,
of jagged glass and toxic rags.
I made it in self-sabotage,
my castle flies the worst of flags.

Should I forget my rightful place,
it slithers up and bids me look,
while spewing falsehoods in my face,
to make me bite the baited hook.

Beguiling me to stop and stare,
but staring stirs my hand to touch,
to right the wrongs it brings to bear,
which works but hurts my hand so much.

The fixing makes it taunt me more,
with sharper shards and fouler cloth.
I can’t abide what I abhor,
lured onto candles like a moth.

It feels like death to look away,
but something’s been revealed to me:
that when I choose to disobey,
it weakens its authority.

If I can just resist enough,
the glass begins to lose its bite,
the rags degrade to harmless fluff,
no more to blight my line of sight.

The collage never disappears,
it’s like a test I sit each day,
reminding me my doubts and fears,
must be endured, not put away.


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